Today we celebrated our St John's festival with a fire, lots of singing and a picnic. The sun shone and the flames reflected it's warmth, then we watched our older children jump the embers. A brave step forward Class 3/4!


Follow, follow, follow, follow me,

To the greenwood, greenwood tree.

Be the weather foul or fair, you will always find a welcome there.


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For the rest of this term Class 3/4 are taking to the water on Monday afternoons. They began this Monday by taking their first trip down to Burghfield Sailing Club and learning the basics of handling their boats before heading out onto the lake in teams of two. They had a great time, and are very much looking forward to developing their skills and venturing further next week! 

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Class 3/4 visited Padworth College this week to take part in an afternoon of languages. Nine students from the College offered short taster sessions in their native languages, giving Class 3/4 a flavour of no less than six other languages! Pupils were taught how to say their name in Vietnamese and in Japanese, greetings in Korean, numbers up to five in Thai as well as how to write their names in Chinese Mandarin, and were also taught colours in Arabic amongst others. A great afternoon was had by all and some of our pupils already feel inspired to learn some of these new languages in the future!

At Alder Bridge School, children in Kindergarten sing rhymes in various languages, such as Spanish, German and Welsh. From Class 1 upwards the children learn French and German orally at first; through songs, rhymes and games. The children begin writing and reading in both languages around 10 years old. 







KG Veg Garden

Life in the Kindergarten can be rather like living and working in a large family.

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The first day of the Summer term is an occasion of great excitement as it's time for the children to hunt for eggs in our woodland, hidden there by the Easter Hare!

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