As we gather in the harvest from our vegetable garden, we feel the chill of the darker months getting closer. In Steiner-Waldorf schools we mark this moment with Michaelmas, a festival of strength and courage. We perform feats of courage in our woodland and turn our thoughts to overcoming our own inner dragons, finding the strength to tame them. The children make a meal from vegetables, fruit and grains, harvested and foraged from our gardens and woodland, and everyone shares in the feast. 

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Waldorf 100 Poster Competition

In 2019 the Steiner-Waldorf movement will be 100 year old! 

Students at UK Steiner schools are invited to produce a poster design incorporating the pre-existing Waldorf 100 logo, to promote UK based Steiner-Waldorf events that will take place around the country. The winner's design will be used in the Waldorf 100 UK celebratory packs, which will also include materials to help support events that schools will be running.

Competition brief:
· Poster design must be A3/A4 in size
· Poster design must leave space for the name/date etc. of school festival event(s)
· Poster design must reflect elements of Steiner education.

The winner will get the chance to see how an award-winning, professional design team turned their concept into a reality and incorporated their design elements into wider promotional material.

Closing Date Friday 5 October 2018

If you have any queries or would like an application form please contact SAM GRESHOFF, SWSF This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


At the centre point of the year we watch the sun reach its highest, and at Alder Bridge we celebrate Midsummer in a number of different ways:

The Kindergarten children often take a walk to our woodland where they make fairy houses in the shade of the trees. When they visit again a few days later the children might find a treasure, left as a little thank you for their kindness. 


In the middle of the day we celebrate with a fire followed by a community picnic in the school gardens. For the older children, Class 3 and over, jumping over the embers is a rite of passage which the younger children aspire to. It is a symbolic moment of transformation for the children, a moment of delight as their courage propels them forward: leaving behind the old, stepping forward into the new. 


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The Geography curriculum in Steiner-Waldorf schools begins close to home, seeing familiar places from a different viewpoint. We take walks around the local area, across the fields and along the canal, making maps based on our experiences. Later, our view expands across the UK, into Europe and eventually setting off across the rest of the world.

Class 5/6 have been exploring Europe in their Geography main lesson this term. With 21 nationalities currently represented in the school community the children have heard about life in a number of countries, with each child choosing a country to study in more depth for a personal project. While they worked on their projects and presentations, a 'feast' day was held, with every child bringing in a traditional dish from the country of their studies - there was rugbraud from Iceland, krakuski from Poland, huevos moles from the Canary Islands, Spanish omelette, Italian pizza, Norwegian buttercream biscuits, Danish herring, liquorice and cheese from the Netherlands, Greek salad, Russian borscht and blinis, Swedish chocolate bullar, Romanian sweet salami, and Czech trdelnik. It was a very enjoyable way to get the flavour of Europe!


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Michaelmas time, Michaelmas time!
Time is turning under the plough,
Under the stars, under the signs,
The ploughman toils with deep furrowed brow.
He turns his thoughts against the cold,
Buries his fears 'neath the Earth's deep mould.
Frost, like fire, burns white on the blade,
Of his iron share that red fire made.

Michaelmas Display

Michaelmas marks the crossover of the seasons, where Summer fades and Autumn weaves a cloak of leaves and mist over the earth. The evenings start to draw in, there is a nip in the air, and we work to bring in the harvest which will feed us through the long, cold Winter.

The children celebrated Michaelmas last week by performing feats of courage in the woodland. A feast followed - warming soup made by Class 3/4 from vegetables they had grown and harvested, accompanied by dragon bread made by Class 1/2, and washed down with apple juice pressed by Class 5/6.   

Apple Pressing 2017


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